Life magazine

I’ve just bought this (for more than I probably should have)! It’s a copy of Life magazine, 1969Life magazine immediately after the July 1969 Apollo 11 Moon landing.  I love this contemporary stuff. The stories and photos of family life are great (although very staged), and there’s a section on the Lunar Receiving Laboratory that I hadn’t seen before. There are a few more images of the pages on flickr if you’re interested in more.

Life magazine had the exclusive rights to astronaut stories throughout Gemini and Apollo (and maybe through Mercury, but I don’t know), in much the same way that today Hello magazine might buy exclusive rights to cover someone’s wedding. The advantage of this for the astronauts was extra income (being paid a civil servant’s salary, or a salary according to rank most were not well off) and the rest of the press leaving you alone. Things are different today, although space doesn’t hold the hero-worship it did then.

I’m pretty sure my family owned a copy of Life before the landings. I really hope I can find it when I’m home for Christmas, but it has more than likely been disposed of.


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    Life magazine | Hammer and Feather

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