Apollo Bookshelf

I thought it would be interesting to publish a list of some of the Apollo books and stuff I’ve collected over the years. I can recommend just about anything on this list, but top 5? Here’s a first stab, but I might change my mind:

  1. Apollo: the race to the Moon [the story of the engineers and managers of the Apollo program]
  2. Carrying the Fire [Mike Collins’ experiences of the Gemini/Apollo programs]
  3. A Man on the Moon [Andrew Chaikin’s famed history of Apollo. HBO’s From the Earth to the Moon was based on this]
  4. Full Moon [one of the most beautiful books: a collection of Apollo photographs]
  5. First Man [the only official biography of Neil Armstrong]

I’ll have a look at DVDs in the same way sometime perhaps, but what’s missing from my collection that is a must read?



A Man on the Moon Andrew Chaikin
Apollo Al Bean
Apollo: the Race to the Moon
Charles Murray & Catherine Bly Cox
Apollo 11:1 Ed. Robert Godwin
Apollo 11:2 Ed. Robert Godwin
Apollo 12 Ed. Robert Godwin
Apollo 13 Ed. Robert Godwin
Apollo 15:1 Ed. Robert Godwin
Apollo 16:1 Ed. Robert Godwin
Apollo 17:1 Ed. Robert Godwin
Apollo Orbiting Moon, Heads Back Today (newspaper original edition)
Astronomy Now: Man on the Moon 30th Anniversary (magazine)
Carrying the Fire Michael Collins
Facsimile: Guardian 21/07/69 Front Page
First Man James R Hansen
Friendship 7 Ed. Robert Godwin
Full Moon Michael Light
History of the 20th Century: Man in Space: A New age of discovery (magazine)
Life: To the Moon and back (magazine)
Lost Moon: the perilous voyage of Apollo 13 Jim Lovell & Jeffrey Kluger
Moon Map Philip’s
Moondust Andrew Smith
NASA LM Chart Series: 1: 1 000 000 NASA
On Mars Patrick Moore
On the Moon Patrick Moore
Project Apollo Charles Coombs
Project Constellation Tim McElyea
Rocketman Nancy Conrad & Howard A Klausner
Saturn V News Reference NASA (printed from website)
Spaceflight Jan 1968
British Interplanetary Society magazine
The Last Man on the Moon Eugene Cernan & Don Davis
The Man Who Ran the Moon Piers Bizony
Virtual Apollo Scott P Sullivan
Virtual LM Scott P Sullivan


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2 Responses to “Apollo Bookshelf”

  1. weskelley Says:

    I appreciated your recent book suggestions on my blog. I’ve already ordered both Apollo by Murray & Cox and The Man Who Ran the Moon. Thanks! A good book I can recommend is “Flight: My Life in Mission Control” by Christopher Kraft. It is a surprisingly honest and interesting book. Kraft doesn’t pull any punches when he speaks about who he respected and who he didn’t.

    I’ve also read “Dr. Space: The Life of Wernher von Braun” by Bob War. It added some flavor to the Apollo story but nothing too unique (though reading about von Braun’s fascinating life story was well worth the read ). I also believe I enjoyed “Failure Is Not an Option: Mission Control from Mercury to Apollo 13 and Beyond” by Gene Kratz, but it’s been a long time since I read that it.

  2. saturn5 Says:

    After mentioning those books to you I was inspired to list my bookshelf! I’ve been eyeing up Kraft’s book – it’s now next on my list. I also read Krantz’s book a while ago – it must have been a library copy – and enjoyed that. He gave a good flavour of the early development of Mission Control during the Mercury days.

    Now you’ve jogged my memory: Space Race by Deborah Cadbury (the rivalry between von Braun and Korolev) and Two Sides of the Moon by Dave Scott and Alexei Leonov (taking it in turns to recall events during the Space Race) make really good reads. Again, I must have borrowed from the library. I can’t afford to buy all the books I read!

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