Apollo 15 Hammer & FeatherOn Apollo 15, the fourth Moon landing, just as the astronauts completed their third and final moonwalk, Dave Scott, the Commander, performed a simple but spectacular experiment. Galileo predicted that gravity affects heavy and light objects the same way, meaning that they would fall at the same speed. Of course Galileo realised that bigger objects are slowed down by the air more. Scott dropped a geological hammer and a falcon feather onto the airless Moon. They both hit the Moon’s dust at the same time, as predicted. Scott said: “How about that! That proves that Mr Galileo was correct in his findings.”

You can see the video of the event (smaller file) and read the transcript. The Hammer and Feather is one of the most important moments of the whole Apollo programme.


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  1. Ray Says:

    Wont it be awesome when one day, a future astonaut finds Dave’s hammer and feather? I hope the knuckleheads who pretend the Apollo landings were hoaxed are still alive to see that happen.
    ~ and me too, come to think of it.

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